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Director's Report

Director's Report


This Office is in charge of levy of local tax under jurisdiction of Chiayi City. As we face the age of evolutional advance of technical information and internet knowledge nowadays, the Office continuously innovate our thoughts and modify traditions in order to enhance public satisfaction towards administrative efficiency of the government. We combine service with technology and actively promote an all-position service that takes clients as the orientation, so that excellent efficiency of service can be seen.

"Good efficiency, excellent quality and harmonic levy" are principles of our service. Active promotion of various easy policies as measures for public convenience that makes taxpayers fulfil tax duty peacefully is our prime target of promoting con-venience for the public and benefit for tax levies. Furthermore, we serve the public with "affection," "patience," and "understanding," which allows us to achieve the standard of "not taking a penny more and not a penny less" and bring the principle of fair tax / lease into reality; in addition, we also pursue the value-added service of "not walking a pace more and not wasting any pace that is made" for the public.

The national economic development, social prosperity, enhancement of living standard among civilians and the revenue from taxes / leases are the driving force of the country. In order to strictly execute active municipal actions of "honesty, diligence and love to the public," as well as living up to the municipal vision and strategic goal of "Going all the way for Chiayi", this Office shall strengthen its tax levy to provide sufficient financial resources for the City. At the same time, innovation for public conveniences and improvements in service quality shall depend on the support and devotion from all citizens. In order to impress citizens understanding on affairs of the Office and enhance a harmonic relationship between levy and taxed parties, this web site offers the latest tax information and various services for your convenience. All citizens are welcome to use this site frequently; please feel free to provide your valuable comments to us, so we can build a better environment of tax levy.

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