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Division or Office Duty Descriptions Location Direct Line
Director-General   2F  
Deputy Director-General   2F  
Secretary   2F  
Revenue Assessor Office   2F  
Public Services Section To handle tax service and education propaganda, trial of tax laws violation and tax evasion, administrative and legal remedy, activity, business oversight and evaluation, administrative plan, project research and other relevant affairs. 1F 2168040
Vehicle License Tax Section To handle vehicle license tax and amusement tax collection, impeachment case and overdue tax and penalty clearance,and other related matters. 1F 2168008
House Tax Section To collect house tax, deed tax, and stamp tax,other related matters. 1F 2167949
Land Tax Section To tax land tax, agricultural land tax, land value increment tax, and construction benefit fee,other related matters. 2F 2168041
Public Property Section To handle management, supervision, usage, disposition and clearance of public property,other related matters. 2F 2293127
Financial Management,Local Financial Institutions,Tobacco and Alcohol Section To handle financial administration of Chiayi City Government, annual revenue budget review and city treasury management, public debt management, management and propaganda of tobacco and alcohol investigation and seize and community financial institutions instruction,other related matters. 2F 2276549
Treasury Section To handle treasury fund payment and voucher collection, review, budget balance check and payment and account payable settlement,other related matters. 2F 2239601
Administrative Section To handle document, general affairs, payroll, investigation and research and other issues other than the divisions and offices of this institute. 2F 2224379
Accounting Office To deal with annual revenue, accounting, and statistics. 2F 2236864
Data Processing Section To handle tax information system analysis, design management, machine operation and maintenance, tax information settlement and tax number cancellation, tax refund and ax distribution. 3F 2294217
Personnel Office To deal with human resources management. 3F 2258346
Civil Service Ethics Office To deal with issues regarding civil service ethics. 3F 2224586
Taxpayer Rights Protection Officer Help taxpayers seeking assistance to protect their rights. 1F 2224371#163、260
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